Master of Jurisprudence – Online Study

With 40 years’ experience in Indian, energy, natural resources and environmental legal education, The University of Tulsa’s energy and natural resources law curriculum inspires Master of Jurisprudence in Energy Law (MJEL) candidates.  They examine legal and policy approaches for achieving the important goals of energy reliability, sustainable supplies of natural resources and a healthy environment.  At the same time, TU Law’s Master of Jurisprudence in Indian Law (MJIL) curriculum is mapped out by an internationally respected faculty who designed classes focused on Indian Self Determination, Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, and the defense of Tribal Sovereignty.  Enrollment is open to lawyers and non-lawyers as a graduate degree in the law and policy of Energy (MJEL) and Indian issues (MJIL).  The goal of the online program is to make it possible for professionals all across the world to pursue a graduate degree in Indian, Energy, Environmental and Natural Resources law without the need to leave home, jobs and families behind in the process.

The degrees are offered in both part-time and full-time formats with candidates generally taking five to nine credits per term. Candidates enrolled on a part-time basis (2-8 credit hours per term) are generally expected to complete the program in four to six terms. Candidates enrolling full-time (9-12 credit hours per term) may expect to complete the degree as quickly as 1 year.  Degree Candidates will have many interdisciplinary opportunities, willbenefit from TU’s legacy as a center for research, and from the University’s diverse programs in energy engineeringenergy businessenergy and environmental law and policy, and Indian law, and information security.

These degrees are designed to provide the education and hands-on training necessary for graduates to make a positive impact on their world, while succeeding in an exciting and rewarding career. The degrees are offered by The University of Tulsa College of Law, a fully accredited, non-profit, private university. Tulsa Law is a recognized leader in Indian, Energy, Environmental and Natural Resources law education.  These two degrees are offered in partnership with Concord Law School, the nation’s leading online law school.

If you are contemplating the next step in your professional development, or looking to launch a career in these exciting fields relating to energy, Indian, environmental or natural resources law or policy, we invite you to consider all that these Master of Jurisprudence degrees offer:

  • A degree from one of the top Indian, Energy, Environmental and Natural Resource Law programs in the United States
  • Tulsa Law is a Top-100 Law School (currently No. 72 in the USA)
  • The Energy Law Journal is co-published by TU Law degree candidates and the Federal Energy Bar Association
  • The Year in Review in Energy, Environmental and Natural Resources Law is co-published by TU Law degree candidates and the American Bar Association
  • The classes are flexible, convenient and affordable – they are designed to accommodates your needs and goals
  • The curriculum supports and develops keen problem-solving skills, analytical reasoning, advanced communicative abilities, and independent thinking
  • The MJ degree is a practical and marketable way to accelerate your career