LL.M in American Law for Foreign Graduates

The LL.M in American Law for Foreign Graduates program consists of a full course of study over two semesters. To meet the needs of the foreign LLM student, the College of Law offers specialized courses in U.S. legal education and U.S. legal writing, analysis and methodology for the foreign lawyer.

Students will complete an additional six to eight courses and will receive advice and guidance in their course selection. Students are invited to choose from any of the many elective courses offered by TU College of Law and the other graduate departments of The University of Tulsa.

In addition, the program offers foreign law graduates the opportunity to develop an understanding of American law as well as an opportunity to specialize in a specific area of law. Students of the program enjoy greater employment flexibility in their own countries, as well as the possibility to practice law in states that allow foreign graduates to sit for the bar examination.

The LLM degree requires candidates to successfully complete a minimum 24 credits.