LL.M in American Indian & Indigenous Law

The LL.M in Indian law program is flexible.  In consultation with the faculty, students can tailor a field of study not just to Indian law in general, but to specific sub-specialties they wish to develop. The program is available as either an academic track (emphasizing course work) or a research track.  Both tracks require successfully completing a minimum of 24 credit hours from the Indian law curriculum.

Students are encouraged to make a preliminary choice of which track they intend to pursue when they enter the program. That preliminary choice, however, is not binding on the student. The faculty is committed to working individually with each student to meet particular academic needs.


Academic Track

A student who chooses the academic track may complete the LLM – AAIL with 24 hours of coursework alone, without a thesis. Academic track students may enroll full- or part-time, and must complete the requirements in three years.

Research Track

The research track is a 24 credit hour program with a minimum of 3 credit hours of thesis. Students on the research track may choose to do anywhere from 3 to 12 credit hours of thesis, with the remaining hours from course work. Research track students may enroll full- or part-time and must complete the program within 5 years.