Indian Law Online Master Degree (MJIL)

The Master of Jurisprudence in Indian Law (the “MJIL”) at the University of Tulsa, College of Law is a cutting edge degree program that moves your career forward and helps you work effectively in Indian Country.  The courses in the MJIL program are developed and taught by TU professors as well as other recognized experts. MJIL candidates will successfully complete seven required courses, elective courses of their choice, and a capstone master project totaling 30 credit hours. The curriculum can be viewed here.

The seven required courses are: (16-19 credit hours)

Twelve to fifteen elective credit hours to be taken from 18 different elective courses.

MJIL Program Costs

The total cost for tuition is $27,090 ($903 per credit hour). This is a 30 credit program.  On average, it will be approximately $5,400 per semester, depending on the number of credit hours you are taking at the time.

Other expenses include (the following costs are estimated):

Textbooks – $100-$200

Headset – $50 – $75

Internet – Varies

PC/Laptop – Varies


The MJIL is a part of the Native American Law Center, and the Worcester Sovereignty Project – these are path-marking entities at the TU College of Law, seeking to promote awareness of Indian Sovereignty, while helping to defend issues important to Indians and Indian tribes across the nation.  Many of the courses offered in the MJIL are the same as those found in the upper division Indian Law classes at the TU College of Law.

The education you can obtain TU Law  has launched many successful careers relating to Indian government, law and policy.  Here is what some of our recent grads have to say.


Lauren Truitt is a 2014 graduate of the MJIL degree program:


Don Newberry is a current MJIL degree candidate:


Of course, you should also hear from our Dean – Janet Levit: