Available Scholarships

TU Law has scholarship opportunities for Master students. Please contact us to discuss them.

LLM in Native American and Indigenous Law are encouraged to apply to the College of Law’s Utsey Family Scholarship

Admitted TU law students studying energy and natural resources law are encouraged to apply for scholarships from TU Law’s partners:

Admitted TU Law students studying Indian Law are encouraged to apply for scholarships from TU Law’s partners:

Note – these entities usually announce awards in January and applications due in April or June of each year.

Third Party Funding Opportunities


Your current employer may be willing to fund part or all of your education.  Make sure to ask!

Government & Private Scholarships

Here are some entities that offer scholarships that you might consider:

Student Loans

U.S. Citizens may apply for federal student loans by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at using the TU school code of 003185.  Any questions regarding the application process or eligibility for the federal loans must be directed to:

Kristi Emerson
Assistant Director, Student Financial Services
Ph: 918.631.3325
Fax: 918.631.5105


Based in countries around the globe, this is an excellent place to start looking for funding options for those seeking the LLM-ALFL.  It is a division of the US State Department, and almost every country in the world has an EducationUSA Center.  The staff of these offices provide US-bound foreign students with information about home-country funding opportunities, as well as living expense grants and other opportunities.

For More Information On Funding Sources

Institute for International Education (IIE) publishes “Funding for US Study: A Guide for International Students and Professionals,” among other information on scholarships and fellowships available to non-US students at its website
The website offers a list of potential funding sources.